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Help and information for first-time visitors: We have provided as much information about our deceased classmates as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of information is missing, and we hope that you can help us fill in some of it.

For example, many "Deceased Dates" are unknown at this time, as are many" Birth Dates," but we have used 1942 as a "Birth Date" approximation. Also, if you can provide a copy of an obituary for any of the departed, either a scanned print copy or a URL to an online version we will post it. (The online obituaries expire, so a copy of the obituary that we can post on the classmate's memorial would be even better.)

The memorials are in alphabetical order, but you can visit a particular memorial by using your browser's Edit/Find feature and type in the classmate's first or last name.

Lit Remembrance Candle As a "Tribute" we have used the expression from the "Memoriam" page of our AHS 1960 Yearbook ("Life is not measured by how long we live, but how well..."), but you can honor an individual by clicking on the "Add A Tribute" link and leaving a tribute in your own words. You can add an image to your tribute by saving the Remembrance Candle image (at left) then adding the image to your tribute. Or you can leave any appropriate image of your choosing.

You can add a deceased classmate to the "In Memoriam" page by clicking on the "Add A Memorial" link at the top of the "In Memoriam" page. BUT you must provide some corroborating evidence (an online obituary, for example) that the person has actually passed away. (We have found two classmates who were reported "deceased," but are very much alive.) But please note that the memorial you establish will not be displayed until it is approved by The Web Team.

NOTE: A few words about Honorary Members of the Class of 1960. We have included several people on our "In Memoriam" page that we have made "Honorary" Classmates, because they came up with us through grade school, junior high, and some or most of high school but for some reason or another did not graduate with our class in June of 1960. Yet many of us knew and loved them, so how can we not award them the honor, in death, of being our classmates?

--The Web Team   

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